B. Adams, R. Keiser, M. Pauly, L. Guibas, M. Gross, and P. Dutre. Efficient Raytracing of Deformable Point-Sampled Surfaces. Proc. Eurographics Symposium, pp. 677-684, 2005.


We present efficient data structures and caching schemes to accelerate ray-surface intersections for deforming point-sampled surfaces. By exploiting spatial and temporal coherence of the deformation during the animation, we are able to improve rendering performance by a factor of two to three compared to existing techniques. Starting from a tight bounding sphere hierarchy for the undeformed object, we use a lazy updating scheme to adapt the hierarchy to the deformed surface in each animation step. In addition, we achieve a significant speedup for ray-surface intersections by caching per-ray intersection points. We also present a technique for rendering sharp edges and corners in point-sampled models by introducing a novel surface clipping algorithm.


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