Bart Adams, Martin Wicke, Philip Dutre, Markus Gross, Mark Pauly, Matthias Teschner, Interactive 3D Painting on Point-Sampled Objects, Symposium on Point-Based Graphics 2004, pp, 57-66


We present a novel painting system for 3D objects. In order to overcome parameterization problems of existing applications, we propose a unified sample-based approach to represent geometry and appearance of the 3D object as well as the brush surface. The generalization of 2D pixel-based paint models to point samples allows us to elegantly simulate paint transfer for 3D objects. In contrast to mesh-based painting systems, an efficient dynamic resampling scheme permits arbitrary levels of painted detail. Our system provides intuitive user interaction with a six degree-of-freedom (DOF) input device. As opposed to other 3D painting systems, real brushes are simulated including their dynamics and collision handling.


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