Manuel Dahnert, Angela Dai, Leonidas Guibas, Matthias Niessner. Joint Embedding of 3D Scan and CAD Objects. Int. Conf. Computer Vision (ICCV), 2019.


3D scan geometry and CAD models often contain complementary information towards understanding environments, which could be leveraged through establishing a mapping between the two domains. However, this is a challenging task due to strong, lower-level differences between scan and CAD geometry. We propose a novel approach to learn a joint embedding space between scan and CAD geometry, where semantically similar objects from both domains lie close together. To achieve this, we introduce a new 3D CNN-based approach to learn a joint embedding space representing object similarities across these domains. To learn a shared space where scan objects and CAD models can interlace, we propose a stacked hourglass approach to separate foreground and background from a scan object, and transform it to a complete, CAD-like representation to produce a shared embedding space. This embedding space can then be used for CAD model retrieval; to further enable this task, we introduce a new dataset of ranked scan-CAD similarity annotations, enabling new, fine-grained evaluation of CAD model retrieval to cluttered, noisy, partial scans. Our learned joint embedding outperforms current state of the art for CAD model retrieval by 12% in instance retrieval accuracy.


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