Q. Fang, J. Gao, and L. Guibas, Landmark-based information brokerage in wireless sensor networks, 25th Conference of the IEEE Communications Society (InfoCom), 2006


For a wide variety of sensor network environments, location information is unavailable or expensive to obtain. We propose a location-free, lightweight, distributed, and data-centric storage/retrieval scheme for information producers and information consumers in sensor networks. Our scheme is built upon the Gradient Landmark-Based Distributed Routing protocol GLIDER, a two-level routing scheme where sensor nodes are partitioned into tiles by their graph distances to a small set of local landmarks so that localized and efficient routing can be achieved inside and across tiles. Our information storage and retrieval scheme uses two ideas on top of the GLIDER hierarchy --- a distributed hash table on the combinatorial tile adjacency graph and a double-ruling scheme within each tile. Queries follow a path that will provably reach the data replicated by the producer(s). We show that this scheme compares favorably with previously proposed schemes, such as Geographic Hash Tables (GHT), providing comparable data storage performance and better locality-aware data retrieval performance. More importantly, this scheme uses no geographic information, makes few assumptions on the network model, and achieves better load balancing and structured data processing and aggregation even for sensor fields with complex geometric shapes and non-trivial topology.


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