N. Gelfand and L. Guibas. Shape Segmentation Using Local Slippage Analysis. Eurographics Symp. Geom. Processing, 2004, pp. 219-228.


We propose a method for segmentation of 3D scanned shapes into simple geometric parts. Given an input point cloud, our methodc omputes a set of components which possess one or more slippable motions: rigid motions which, when applied to a shape, slide the transformed version against the stationary version without forming any gaps. We show how to determine the slippable motions of a given shape by computing eigenvalues of a certain symmetric matrix derived from the points and normals of the shape. Our algorithm then discovers slippable components in the input data by computing local slippage signatures at a set of points of the input and iteratively aggregating regions with matching slippable motions.


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