J. Gao, L. Guibas, J. Hershberger, N. Milosavljevic, Sparse Data Aggregation in Sensor Networks, Proceedings of IPSN '07: 6th International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks, pp. 430-439, 2007.


We study the problem of aggregating data from a sparse set of nodes in a wireless sensor network. This is a common situation when a sensor network is deployed to detect relatively rare events. In such situations, each node that should participate in the aggregation knows this fact based on its own sensor readings, but there is no global knowledge in the network of where all these interesting nodes are located. Instead of blindly querying all nodes in the network, we show how the interesting nodes can autonomously discover each other in a distributed fashion and form an ad hoc aggregation structure that can be used to compute cumulants, moments, or other statistical summaries. Key to our approach is the capability for two nodes that wish to communicate at roughly the same time to discover each other at a cost that is proportional to their network distance. We show how to build nearly optimal aggregation structures that can further deal with network volatility and compensate for the loss or duplication of data by exploiting probabilistic techniques.


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