J. Gao, L. J. Guibas, J. Hershberger, L. Zhang, A. Zhu, Discrete Mobile Centers, Discrete and Computational Geometry, 30(1), 45-65, 2003.


We propose a new randomized algorithm for maintaining a set of clusters among moving nodes in the plane. Given a specified cluster radius, our algorithm selects and maintains a variable subset of the nodes as cluster centers. This subset has the property that (1) balls of the given radius centered at the chosen nodes cover all the others and (2) the number of centers selected is a constant-factor approximation of the minimum possible. As the nodes move, an event-based kinetic data structure updates the clustering as necessary. This kinetic data structure is shown to be responsive, efficient, local, and compact. The produced cover is also smooth, in the sense that wholesale cluster re-arrangements are avoided. This clustering algorithm is distributed in nature and can enable numerous applications in {\em ad hoc} wireless networks, where mobile devices must be interconnected to collaboratively perform various tasks.


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