N. Gelfand, N. Mitra, L. Guibas and H. Pottmann. Robust Global Registration. Proc. Eurographics Symp. Geom. Processing, pp. 197-206, 2005.


We present an algorithm for the automatic alignment of two 3D shapes (data and model), without any assumptions about their initial positions. The algorithm computes for each surface point a descriptor based on local geometry that is robust to noise. A small number of feature points are automatically picked from the data shape according to the uniqueness of the descriptor value at the point. For each feature point on the data, we use the descriptor values of the model to find potential corresponding points. We then develop a fast branch-and-bound algorithm based on distance matrix comparisons to select the optimal correspondence set and bring the two shapes into a coarse alignment. The result of our alignment algorithm is used as the initialization to ICP (iterative closest point) and its variants for fine registration of the data to the model. Our algorithm can be used for matching shapes that overlap only over parts of their extent, for building models from partial range scans, as well as for simple symmetry detection, and for matching shapes undergoing articulated motion.


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