V.Ganapathi-Subramanian, O.Diamanti, L.Guibas, Modular Latent Spaces for Shape Correspondences, Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 37 (2018), Number 5


We consider the problem of transporting shape descriptors across shapes in a collection in a modular fashion, in order to establish correspondences between them. A common goal when mapping between multiple shapes is consistency, namely that compositions of maps along a cycle of shapes should be approximately an identity map. Existing attempts to enforce consistency typically require recomputing correspondences whenever a new shape is added to the collection, which can quickly become intractable. Instead, we propose an approach that is fully modular, where the bulk of the computation is done on each shape independently. To achieve this, we use intermediate nonlinear embedding spaces, computed individually on every shape; the embedding functions use ideas from diffusion geometry and capture how different descriptors on the same shape inter-relate. We then establish linear mappings between the different embedding spaces, via a shared latent space. The introduction of nonlinear embeddings allows for more nuanced correspondences, while the modularity of the construction allows for parallelizable calculation and efficient addition of new shapes. We compare the performance of our framework to standard functional correspondence techniques and showcase the use of this framework to simple interpolation and extrapolation tasks.