Huang J, Wang B, Wang W, et al. A surface approximation method for image and video correspondences[J]. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2015, 24(12): 5100-5113.


Although finding correspondences between similar images is an important problem in image processing, the existing algorithms cannot find accurate and dense correspondences in images with significant changes in lighting/transformation or with the non-rigid objects. This paper proposes a novel method for finding accurate and dense correspondences between images even in these difficult situations. Starting with the non-rigid dense correspondence algorithm [1] to generate an initial correspondence map, we propose a new geometric filter that uses cubic B-Spline surfaces to approximate the correspondence mapping functions for shared objects in both images, thereby eliminating outliers and noise. We then propose an iterative algorithm which enlarges the region containing valid correspondences. Compared with the existing methods, our method is more robust to significant changes in lighting, color, or viewpoint. Furthermore, we demonstrate how to extend our surface approximation method to video editing by first generating a reliable correspondence map between a given source frame and each frame of a video. The user can then edit the source frame, and the changes are automatically propagated through the entire video using the correspondence map. To evaluate our approach, we examine applications of unsupervised image recognition and video texture editing, and show that our algorithm produces better results than those from state-of-the-art approaches.


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