Kusy B., Balogh G., Sallai J., Ledeczi A., Maroti M., inTrack: High Precision Tracking of Mobile Sensor Nodes, EWSN (2007).


Radio-interferometric ranging is a novel technique that allows for fine-grained node localization in networks of inexpensive COTS nodes. In this paper, we show that the approach can also be applied to precision tracking of mobile sensor nodes. We introduce inTrack, a cooperative tracking system based on radio-interferometry that features high accuracy, long range and low-power operation. The system utilizes a set of nodes placed at known locations to track a mobile sensor. We analyze how target speed and measurement errors affect the accuracy of the computed locations. To demonstrate the feasibility of our approach, we describe our prototype implementation using Berkeley motes. We evaluate the system using data from both simulations and field tests.