Y.M. Kim, J. Dolson, M. Sokolsky, V. Koltun, S.Thrun, Interactive Acquisition of Residential Floor Plans, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Animation (ICRA), 2012


We present a hand-held system for real-time, interactive acquisition of residential floor plans. The system integrates a commodity range camera, a micro-projector, and a button interface for user input and allows the user to freely move through a building to capture its important architectural elements. The system uses the Manhattan world assumption, which posits that wall layouts are rectilinear. This assumption allows generating floor plans in real time, enabling the operator to interactively guide the reconstruction process and to resolve structural ambiguities and errors during the acquisition. The interactive component aids users with no architectural training in acquiring wall layouts for their residences. We show a number of residential floor plans reconstructed with the system.


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