B. Neubert, S. Pirk, O. Deussen, C. Dachsbacher, Improved Model- and View-Dependent Pruning of Large Botanical Scenes, Computer Graphics Forum, 2011 and EGSR 2011


We present an optimized pruning algorithm that allows for considerable geometry reduction in large botanical scenes while maintaining high and coherent rendering quality. We improve upon previous techniques by applying model-specific geometry reduction functions and optimized scaling functions. For this we introduce the use of Precision and Recall (PR) as a measure of quality to rendering and show how PR-scores can be used to predict better scaling values. We conducted a user-study letting subjects adjust the scaling value, which shows that the predicted scaling matches the preferred ones. Finally, we extend the originally purely stochastic geometry prioritization for pruning to account for view-optimized geometry selection, which allows to take global scene information, such as occlusion, into consideration. We demonstrate our method for the rendering of scenes with thousands of complex tree models in real-time.

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