Maks Ovsjanikov, Mirela Ben-Chen, Frederic Chazal and Leonidas Guibas. Analysis and Visualization of Maps Between Shapes. Computer Graphics Forum (CGF), 2013.


In this paper we propose a method for analysing and visualizing individual maps between shapes, or collections of such maps. Our method is based on isolating and highlighting areas where the maps induce significant distortion of a given measure in a multi-scale way. Unlike the majority of prior work, which focuses on discovering maps in the context of shape matching, our main focus is on evaluating, analysing and visualizing a given map, and the distortion(s) it introduces, in an efficient and intuitive way. We are motivated primarily by the fact that most existing metrics for map evaluation are quadratic and expensive to compute in practice, and that current map visualization techniques are suitable primarily for global map understanding, and typically do not highlight areas where the map fails to meet certain quality criteria in a multi-scale way. We propose to address these challenges in a unified way by considering the functional representation of a map, and performing spectral analysis on this representation. In particular, we propose a simple multi-scale method for map evaluation and visualization, which provides detailed multi-scale information about the distortion induced by a map, which can be used alongside existing global visualization techniques.


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