S. Pirk, M. F. Cohen, O. Deussen, M. Uyttendaele, J. Kopf, Video Enhanced Gigapixel Panoramas, Siggraph Asia 2012, Technical Brief


We present a method for embedding video clips within gigapixel scale imagery. The combination of high-resolution imagery and video enables users to pan and zoom across the gigapixel panorama to explore complex scenes with motion. A sparsity of the video content within the gigapixel context introduces several challenges which we overcome by optimizing the traversal of the scene coupled with appropriate playback of the embedded video. We also discuss aligning the video clips both geometrically and photometrically to reduce visible seams between the dynamic and static content. Embedding video in large scale panoramas fills a gap between static gigapixel images and video footage and thus presents a new interactive medium.

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