M. Pauly, N. J. Mitra, J. Giesen, M. Gross and L. Guibas. Example-Based 3D Scan Completion. Eurographics Symposium on Geometry Processing, pp. 23-32, 2005.


We present a novel approach for obtaining a complete and consistent 3D model representation from incomplete surface scans, using a database of 3D shapes to provide geometric priors for regions of missing data. Our method retrieves suitable context models from the database, warps the retrieved models to conform with the input data, and consistently blends the warped models to obtain the final consolidated 3D shape. We define a shape matching penalty function and corresponding optimization scheme for computing the non-rigid alignment of the context models with the input data. This allows a quantitative evaluation and comparison of the quality of the shape extrapolation provided by each model. Our algorithms are explicitly designed to accommodate uncertain data and can thus be applied directly to raw scanner output. We show on a variety of real data sets how consistent models can be obtained from highly incomplete input. The information gained during the shape completion process can be utilized for future scans, thus continuously simplifying the creation of complex 3D models.


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