Hao Li, Bart Adams, Leonidas Guibas, Mark Pauly. Robust Single-View Geometry and Motion Reconstruction. ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia) 2009.


We present a framework and algorithms for robust geometry and motion reconstruction of complex deforming shapes. Our method makes use of a smooth template that provides a crude approximation of the scanned object and serves as a geometric and topological prior for reconstruction. Large-scale motion of the acquired object is recovered using a novel space-time adaptive, non-rigid registration method. Fine-scale details such as wrinkles and folds are synthesized with an efficient linear mesh deformation algorithm. Subsequent spatial and temporal filtering of detail coefficients allows transfer of persistent geometric detail to regions not observed by the scanner. We show how this two-scale process allows faithful recovery of small-scale shape and motion features leading to a high-quality reconstruction. We illustrate the robustness and generality of our algorithm on a variety of examples composed of different materials and exhibiting a large range of dynamic deformations.


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