SU, H., WANG, F., YI, L., AND GUIBAS, L. 2015. 3D-Assisted Image Feature Synthesis for Novel Views of an Object. In ICCV IEEE.


Comparing two images from different views has been a long-standing challenging problem in computer vision, as visual features are not stable under large view point changes. In this paper, given a single input image of an object, we synthesize its features for other views, leveraging an existing modestly-sized 3D model collection of related but not identical objects.To accomplish this, we study the relationship of image patches between different views of the same object, seeking what we call surrogate patches — patches in one view whose feature content predicts well the features of a patch in another view. Based upon these surrogate relationships, we can create feature sets for all views of the latent object on a per patch basis, providing us an augmented multi-view representation of the object. We provide theoretical and empirical analysis of the feature synthesis process, and evaluate the augmented features in fine-grained image retrieval/recognition and instance retrieval tasks. Experimental results show that our syn- thesized features do enable view-independent comparison between images and perform significantly better than other traditional approaches in this respect.


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