Art Tevs, Qixing Huang, Michael Wand, Hans-Peter Seidel, Leonidas Guibas. Relating Shapes via Geometric Symmetries and Regularities. Siggraph 2014, 33(4), 2014. .


In this paper we address the problem of finding correspondences between related shapes of widely varying geometry. We propose a new method based on the observation that symmetry and regularity in shapes is often associated with their function. Hence, they provide cues for matching related geometry even under strong shape variations. Correspondingly, we decomposes shapes into overlapping regions determined by their regularity properties. Afterwards, we form a graph that connects these pieces via pairwise relations that capture geometric relations between rotation axes and reflection planes as well as topological or proximity relations. Finally, we perform graph matching to establish correspondences. The method yields certain more abstract but semantically meaningful correspondences between man-made shapes that are too difficult to recognize by traditional geometric methods.


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