Martin Wicke, Hermes Lanker, Markus Gross: Untangling Cloth with Boundaries. Proceedings of Vision, Modeling, and Visualization 2006, pp. 349-356


This paper presents a history-free collision handling algorithm for cloth. Without information about past timesteps, our method resolves intersections on cloth with boundaries. Using a global intersection analysis, we determine interpenetrating regions of the cloth. We analyze the possible intersection paths on 2D manifolds with boundaries and present a classication of intersection paths according to the position of their endpoints and the number of degenerated vertices on the path. Radial basis function (RBF) tting is used to extrapolate correspondence information available on the intersection paths to the surrounding cloth. Attractive forces between corresponding points in the interpenetrating cloth region resolve the intersections. Our method can be applied as a preprocessing step to ensure that modeling results are suitable for animation. It can also be used during animation to correct intersections introduced by constraints.


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