Arik Motskin

personal page

Research interests

  • game theory
  • randomized algorithms
  • distributed computation on networks

Recent publications

L. Guibas, N. Milosavljevic and A. Motskin. Connected Dominating Sets on Dynamic Geometric Graphs, Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry (CCCG), 2010.   
Arik Motskin, Tim Roughgarden, Primoz Skraba and Leonidas Guibas. Lightweight Coloring and Desynchronization for Networks. Proc. of IEEE INFOCOM, 2009.   
HyungJune Lee, Hyukjoon Kwon, Arik Motskin, and Leonidas Guibas. Interference-Aware MAC Protocol for Wireless Networks by a Game-Theoretic Approach. Proc. of IEEE INFOCOM, 2009.   
Lawrence M. Wein, Yifan Liu and Arik Motskin, Analyzing the Homeland Security of the U.S.-Mexico Border. Risk Analysis: An International Journal, May, 2009.