Anastasia Dubrovina

anastasiad at cs dot stanford dot edu
personal page

Research interests

  • Non-rigid surface matching
  • Image segmentation
  • Cross-modal visual data processing
  • 3D deep learning for shape analysis, synthesis and completion

Recent publications

(All the publications are available on the personal page linked above.)
Lingxiao Li*, Minhyuk Sung*, Anastasia Dubrovina, Li Yi, and Leonidas Guibas, Supervised Fitting of Geometric Primitives to 3D Point Clouds, CVPR 2019 (Oral) (* equal contribution)   
Minhyuk Sung, Anastasia Dubrovina, Vladimir G. Kim, and Leonidas Guibas, Learning Fuzzy Set Representations of Partial Shapes on Dual Embedding Spaces, SGP 2018 (Symposium on Geometry Processing)