Ian Downes

downes at stanford dot edu
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Research interests

  • sensing and information dissemination in mobile ad-hoc networks
  • mote hardware and deployments of sensor networks

Recent publications

I. Downes, B. Kusy, O. Gnawali, and L. J. Guibas, Interactive Analysis and Simulation of VANETs using MOWINE, Second IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference, 2010   
E. Cho, I. Downes, M. Wicke, B. Kusy, and L. Guibas, Poster Abstract: Recovering Network Topology with Binary Sensors, SenSys '09, 387-388   
I. Downes, L. Baghaei Rad and H. Aghajan, Development of a Mote for Wireless Image Sensor Networks, COGIS 2006.