Jingwei Huang


Research interests

My research interests are computer graphics, computer vision, virtual reality and geometry processing. After involving in projects from different areas in graphics and vision, I determined to focus on RGB-D SLAM and Real-time reconstruction in order to produce read-to-use high-quality scanning geometry. My ultimate goal is to effectively recognize the scanning data in a higher level. Towards the goal, I believe that it is essential to bridge two fields --- computer vision and computer graphics, where the former focuses on visual SLAM and the latter on geometrical data analysis and synthesis. To achieve the goal of producing high-quality geometry, we need high-quality texture and clean geometry. I contributed to the 3D geometry texture synthesis component of the "unsupervised texture synthesis" project. Now, I am working on the "3DLite" system to get clean geometry with good planar abstraction.

Recent publications

(All the publications are available on the personal page linked above)
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