Young Min Kim

ymkim at stanford dot edu
personal page

Research interests

  • Computer Vision with both image and 3D data
  • Understading indoor environment and man-made objects

Recent publications

Y.M. Kim, N. Mitra, D. Yan, and L. Guibas, Acquiring 3D Indoor Environments with Variability and Repetition, ACM Trans. Graph. 31(6) (SIGGRAPH Asia 2012), 191:1-191:11   
Y.M. Kim, J. Dolson, M. Sokolsky, V. Koltun, S.Thrun, Interactive Acquisition of Residential Floor Plans, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Animation (ICRA), 2012   
Y.M. Kim, C. Theobalt, J. Diebel, J. Kosecka, B. Micusik, S. Thrun, Multi-view Image and ToF Sensor Fusion for Dense 3D Reconstruction, IEEE Workshop on 3-D Digital Imaging and Modeling (3DIM), 2009   
Y.M. Kim, D. Chan, C. Theobalt, S. Thrun, Design and Calibration of a Multi-view TOF Sensor Fusion System, IEEE CVPR Workshop on Time-of-flight Computer Vision, 2008