Brano Kusy

personal page

Research interests

  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Coordination in time and space (time synchronization, localization, tracking)

Recent publications

E. Cho, K. Wong, B. Kusy, and L. Guibas, Enabling data interpretation through user collaboration in sensor networks, Proc. SenSys Workshop on Applications, Systems, and Algorithms for Image Sensing, 2008   
Kusy B., Ledeczi A., Koutsoukos X., Tracking Mobile Nodes Using RF Doppler Shifts, ACM SenSys(2007).   
Kusy B., Sallai J., Balogh G., Ledeczi A., Protopopescu V., Tolliver J., DeNap F., Parang M., Radio Interferometric Tracking of Mobile Wireless Nodes, MobiSys(2007).   
Kusy B., Balogh G., Sallai J., Ledeczi A., Maroti M., inTrack: High Precision Tracking of Mobile Sensor Nodes, EWSN (2007).   
Kusy B., Maroti M., Balogh G., Volgyesi P., Sallai J., Nadas A., Ledeczi A., Meertens L., Node Density Independent Localization, IPSN/SPOTS (2006).