Mark Pauly

personal page

Research interests

  • point-based graphics
  • geometric modeling
  • physics-based animation
  • shape analysis

Recent publications

F. Cazals, J. Giesen, M. Pauly, A. Zomorodian, Conformal Alpha Shapes, Symposium on Point-Based Graphics (2005), pp. 55-61.   
Matthias Zwicker, Jussi Räsänen, Mario Botsch, Carsten Dachsbacher, Mark Pauly, Perspective Accurate Splatting, Graphics Interface 2004   
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M. Pauly, N. J. Mitra and L. Guibas. Uncertainty and Variability in Point Cloud Surface Data. Symposium on Point-Based Graphics, pp. 77-84, 2004.   
Bart Adams, Martin Wicke, Philip Dutre, Markus Gross, Mark Pauly, Matthias Teschner, Interactive 3D Painting on Point-Sampled Objects, Symposium on Point-Based Graphics 2004, pp, 57-66   
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M. Pauly, D. K. Pai, L. J. Guibas, Quasi-Rigid Objects in Contact, ACM Symposium on Computer Animation, pp. 109-119, 2004.   
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Mark Pauly, Thomas Kollig, Alexander Keller, Metropolis Light Transport for Participating Media, Eurographics Workshop on Rendering, 2000